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Who We Are

QuickFountain is a Google Partner. We provide digital media strategy, advanced AdWords planning, management and support. We strive to achieve the highest possible return on investment for our clients and we take pride in our work. We believe in full transparency and we won’t work with you if we don’t think we can help.

Find out how we can help you maximize your return on investment.

We offer FREE reviews of existing AdWords accounts.

Find out how we can help you maximize your return on investment. Call today! (310) 295-9722

Our Skills
Digital Media Strategy
Google AdWords Management
Search Advertising
Remarketing / Retargeting
Display Advertising
YouTube / Video Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Google Shopping / Product Listing Ads
Dynamic Remarketing
Google Analytics
Conversion Optimization
Our Team

Dan Vendeland
Google AdWords Expert

Digital Media Strategy, Google AdWords Management, Online Advertising, Paid Search Strategy, Remarketing, Google Analytics, Google Shopping, Display Advertising, YouTube/Video Advertising

Nemicia Vergara
Digital Media Strategist

Paid Search Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Market Research, Brand Awareness, Account Management, Web Analytics, Remarketing, YouTube/Video Advertising, Display Advertising

We offer FREE reviews of existing AdWords accounts.

Find out how we can help you maximize your return on investment. Call today! (310) 295-9722


“QuickFountain has been managing our online advertising with Google AdWords since we launched our first campaigns back in 2012. We’ve seen positive results month after month, averaging about $8 in website related revenue for every $1 we’ve spent on ads. I would highly recommend QuickFountain to anyone looking to get a solid return-on-investment from their online marketing/advertising, especially for E-commerce based businesses.”

David Egglee
General Manager at Leather Expo, Inc.

Testimonial David Egglee

“Dan has exceptional talent and knowledge of online marketing and advertising. My business is growing exponentially as a result of his efforts. No other advertising or marketing was working until I hired Dan. I am extremely pleased with his results and his professionalism. I highly recommend him.”

Beth Kandell
Owner at Simply Fine Gourmet

Testimonial Beth Kandell

“Dan has been a major asset to our business, untangling and successfully managing our most important campaigns. With his clear vision and ability to optimize our advertising efforts, he has taken our campaigns to a new level, saving us thousands of dollars in the process. Dan is a true collaborator and I trust his suggestions, advice, and opinions at all times.”

Philip Acosta
President & Cofounder at Adoptimist

Testimonial Philip Acosta

“Dan is hands down by far the best expert on Google AdWords that I have ever met. He was responsible for bringing in over 40% of our E-Commerce clients at our brick and mortar location.”

Brice Hata
National Sales Manager at Big Tree Big Sleep

Testimonial Brice Hata

“I have had the opportunity to partner with Dan on a few projects for my clients, he has an excellent work ethic and is very thorough with clients. I have received nothing but praise back from each client I have referred him over the last year. I would highly recommend Dan for any of your Google Adwords needs.”

Jennifer Wilson
Social Media Specialist / Owner / Email Marketer at LA Social Karma

Testimonial Jennifer Wilson

“Dan is a pleasure to work with. He is highly thoughtful about how marketing challenges should be tackled, creative in terms of the tactics for getting from A to B and very adept at executing a plan (ensuring full follow through every time). In addition, Dan keeps coming up with new ideas and works hard to get results. All of these skills make Dan a great person to have on the team.”

Jon Warner
Executive Board Member at ReadyToManage, Inc.

Testimonial Jon Warner

“Dan has been a great asset to ReadyToManage in its marketing efforts. He is bright, thoughtful, energetic and insightful. He has designed and implemented both strategies and campaigns. We’ve greatly benefited from his expertise, tenacity, and ability to get things done. He’s great at using data to drive decision-making. We’re lucky to have him working with our team.”

Anne Valenzuela-Smith
VP Operations at ReadyToManage, Inc.

Testimonial Anne Valenzuela-Smith